Texans Too Stupid To Know When To Vote

They let these people vote? Confusion reigned in Bexar (that's pronounced "bear," Yankees) County yesterday, as thousands of dullards swamped the elections department with phone calls asking where they could vote on Tuesday. The answer: Nowhere! The Texas primary isn't till March.

Jacque Callanen, the Bexar County elections commissioner, offered up this explanation: "It's all over the national media and the local media that there's a big election."

The rampant plague of idiocy extends northward all the way to Washington State, where glassy-eyed Walla Walla voters are staggering around wondering when they, too, will be able to tick the ticky. The answer: February 19.

UPDATE: Angry reader Jennifer Hauseman writes:

For Christ's sake, please post a correction:


The primary on the 19th in Washington has NO affect on the delegate outcome for the Democrats, and only 50% for the Repubs. Everything for the Dems is going to be decided this Saturday at the 1 p.m. caucus.

Jesus. You just want to be more careful about criticizing others for having no freaking idea what's going on.

Super Tuesday Not For Bexar Voters [KSAT]

Confusion surrounds ballot because of Super Tuesday [Walla Walla Union-Bulletin]


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