Texas College Republican Would So Get an 'A' in Racist Twitter Poetry


Aw, yet another awful tweet about Barack Obama from the second president of the U of Texas College Republicans in as many months. (The first one was from that other popular genre of Republican poetry, "assassination jokes.") The group's current president, Cassie Wright, has even twatted out her thoughts in an adorable rhyme format! Maybe if "college education" doesn't work out so well for Cassie, she can write racist children's books?

Here is the most important observation anyone could ever make about Cassie Wright, from commenter "Paul" over at the Austin American-Statesman "news story," about things on Twitter:

Well, as someone who’s done plenty of crack, I can assure you that you do not snort it. So not only is the tweet in poor taste, it is ill-informed.

Texas blog Burnt Orange Report also notes that racism is literally Cassie's favorite thing on Earth:

On Facebook recently, Wright wrote that it was a "messed up world" because she was studying in the library while "the Asian guy next to me is watching America's Next Top Model episodes on his laptop".

When a commenter asked what being Asian had to with it, Wright responded:

"Because Asians study a lot...If you're offended by my use of a stereotype then gtfo [get the f*** out]."

IN OTHER NEWS, American Jesus continues to ignore our only Xmas request, an IQ requirement for Facebook and Twitter users. [Statesman.com/ Burnt Orange Report]


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