Texas 'Democrat' Thinks All You Domestic Violenced Fillies Need To Count Your Blessings And Not Your Bruises


There is a Democrat running for District Attorney in Harris County, Texas, and he iskind of a dick! Not only is he kind of a dick, but we would go so far as to say he is NOT A ALLY! Lloyd Oliver, the criminal defense attorney who wants to oversee all prosecutions in Harris County, which is just a small county with, like, Houston in it, loves to opine on questions like is domestic violence even a thing, really? and shouldn't the little ladies of Harris County be a little more grateful to the good lord above for seeing fit to send them a man? It is like "waaaah, you domestic violenced me, I am gonna call the cops" they will just not even shut up about it, and Lloyd Oliver here is just trying to drink his Schlitz and watch his sportsball in peace! Remember, ladies, count your blessings, and not your bruises!

So why does Oliver want to divert resources away from domestic violence prosecutions in a county where two years ago, 30 women were loved by their partners plum to death?

“Family violence is so, so overrated,” he says, sitting across from me at a Starbucks. “This here”—he leans over and taps the back of my hand—”is an act of family violence in accordance with their, what they’re doing up there now. Just me touching you.”

My goodness, prosecuting that would be pretty stupid! We wonder if any prosecutor anywhere, let alone in the great state of Texas, has ever actually done so! (We do not wonder that at all, because we are not actually brain damaged.)

Among his least popular public statements was that maybe victims of domestic violence should “learn how to box a little better” and that battery can be a “prelude to lovemaking.” This went over poorly, especially when he reiterated these thoughts at a debate hosted by the Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

So: troll dude is trolling. (He also loves talking about "ragheads" and "queers.") And it turns out he actually doesn't think there's a difference between the Democrats and Republicans at all, but it's easier to win the Democratic primary because who's gonna run as a fucking Democrat in Texas?

Well, this nice lady for one. What do we know about her? That she is not Lloyd Oliver. Sold!

[TexasObserver, via HuffPo]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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