Texas High School Graduation Ruined By Sharia Atheists

Texas High School Graduation Ruined By Sharia Atheists

Wingnut oppression alert! A judgehas banned a high school in San Antonio from using certain religious words at its graduation ceremony, after an agnostic student filed suit claiming he would suffer "irreparable harm" if he had to sit through that. We don't blame him! But the school's valedictorian is insisting that she needs to lead the crowd in a prayer, because it's Texas and there will be none of that SHARIA LAW atheism. In wingnut parlance, free speech means allowing them, the wingnuts, to make everybody at a public school ceremony listen to a prayer because that's what freedom of religion is, forcing a captive audience listen to you talk to Jeebus onstage for a while in order for them to get their high school diplomas handed to them.

From the AP:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on Wednesday asked a federal appeals court to overturn the order.

"This is part of an ongoing attempt to purge God from the public setting, while at the same time demanding from the court increased yielding to all things agnostic and atheistic," Abbott said.

He said Congress begins each session with a prayer to God, and Biery's ruling would allow a student to "bend over in honor of Mecca," but not lead a prayer to the Christian God.

See? They will allow one of those ATHEIST MUSLIMS to bow down in the direction of that big rock or whatever. Terrorism wins again. [AP/FOX NEWS]


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