Texas Ignores U.N., Executes Mentally Challenged Man It Wanted Dead So, So Bad


Is there anything Texas likes more than killing people? Anything? Jesus, maybe, but he's somehow their best excuse to do everything awful, including killing people, so let's just say Texas likes killing people A LOT and get on with the facts of the case of Yokamon Hearn, who was unceremoniously put to sleep Wednesday over the objections of everybody who wasn't currently in the act of killing him.

Hearn is a 33-year-old guy who killed a Plano stock broker, and WOW did Texas want to make him dead. The main objection was that Hearn had mental deficiencies resulting from his mother drinking while she was pregnant. Texas ignored this because — and this is a real quote from a real prosecutor — it "would be a free pass for anyone whose parents drank."

You hear that, people with brain damage? Don't go getting any ideas. (Especially in Georgia, also too.)

Texas likewise did not care about the ivory tower muckety-mucks of the United Nations, who had their Office Of Trying To Calm Down Maniacally Homicidal States write a letter saying, "Like, listen guys. We have to deal with the planet's biggest assholes every day, and this still seems pretty shitty."

Right. So, fuck the U.N., let's kill somebody! Break out the three-drug cocktail and we'll get it on. What's that? It expired? Seriously? OK, let's see what else is lying around — pentobarbital... that's the stuff they use to put down pets, right? Load it up.

It's the first time the drug had been used to kill a human in Texas, though Florida (who else?) killed a guy with it last year, in a rare move that bothered a pharmaceutical company. From RT:

Before the September execution of Manuel Valle, Lundbeck manufactures wrote to Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) to say that using their product to kill people “contradicts everything Lundbeck is in business to do — provide therapies that improve people's lives.”

Lundbeck has banned the export of the drug to the US, but a surplus of supplies in some states is forcing authorities to use the narcotic to kill inmates, especially in instances where the components of the three-drug cocktail are unavailable.

“While the company has never sold the product directly to prisons and therefore can’t make guarantees, we are confident that our new distribution program will play a substantial role in restricting prisons’ access to Nembutal for misuse as part of lethal injection,” Lundbeck wrote last year.

Did you know states could murder people with off-label prescriptions THEY JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE LYING AROUND? And, even though the drug company is frantically trying to hide this drug from governments and the U.N. complained about how it was probably a lousy thing to be killing people “affected by structural brain dysfunction," they did it. He's dead. And now all you kids suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome know: Stay the hell away from Texas. [RT]


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