Texas Might Not Let People Buy Guns And Drink At The Same Time. How Is That Even Fair?


You know what goes together in 'Merica like apple pie and ice cream? Guns and liquor. Guns and liquor is the 'Merican way, and you should always have one whenever you find the other. At least that appears to be the viewpoint of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which recently proposed allowing alcohol at some gun shows.

You'd think that the NRA would have simply lurrrvvved that idea, since they're all for those open carry yahoos bringing their M-16s into restaurants, bars, saunas, whatever. But those nanny staters at the Texas ABC wanted to have silly rules and regulations like not letting people have live ammunition or take possession of guns during the event. How is the NRA supposed to run a goddamn gun show when they can't have the ever-looming threat of people accidentally shooting each other during the event? Damn straight the NRA sent out a breathless alert about this.

It warned that gun shows could no longer be held in hotels or other venues with Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) permit, even if the events were alcohol-free. The NRA also complained that the rules sneak in new and unfamiliar "safety guidelines" to be imposed on shooting ranges and gun clubs.

The alert also noted that these events are also a source of NRA fundraising, with money going to the NRA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and that the changes would put such fundraising in jeopardy.

What the fuck, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission? How dare you try to impose any sort of safety guidelines on the NRA whatsoever. This is the En Are Aye we're talking about! They're your bread and butter. They probably pay your salary. They're just going to call Rick Perry and get this whole thing straightened out. Hell, it's probably against the Second Amendment to even regulate liquor as long as guns are involved. Thank god we've got the freedom fighters of the NRA to protect us from any restrictions on gun shows whatsoever. Giving up demon rum is a small price to pay for endless piles of cheap, unregulated, fully loaded guns.



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