Texas + Military Guy + Shotgun = America 2010


I'm gonna buy me a shotgun with a great long shiny barrel ...Today's "U.S. military guy attacks U.S. military base in U.S.A." story comes from Texas, as usual. Some airman was apprehended just before he shot up a residence building at Sheppard Air Force Base just outside of Wichita Falls. Nothing noteworthy about that, but today's chapter of Enlisted Men Vs. America features the comical dueling news sources of FreeRepublic.com and Twitter.

A website called AllHeadlineNews.com reports today:

Sheppard Air Force Base denied in a Twitter message reports of casualties or an exchange of fire. It did not confirm reports of a hostage situation.

The gunman had threatened a training squadron and a hostage situation had taken place, according to reports on Free Republic.


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