Texas Republican Has Best Ad Of 2016, Guess We Have To Voter Fraud For Him Now


We have no idea at all whether Gerald Daugherty is any good at county commissionering. But he's made the awesomest campaign ad of 2016, and for that, he probably deserves to be retained on the Travis County Commission, where he's a lonely Republican among a bunch of Democrats. And thanks to this ad, which portrays his long-suffering wife asking voters to please, please re-elect him so he'll stop being a big public policy nerd around the house, Gerald Daugherty is now the only Texas county commissioner with a certain degree of national name recognition.

We like it, even if the math he's muttering about when he's talking about light rail seems off. Any math nerds in the commentariat are welcome to weigh in on that one.

[Texas Monthly]

Doktor Zoom

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