Texas State Rep. On Health Committee Not Sure What This 'Medicaid' Thingy Is


You know what's a major government health care program? Medicaid. Everyone knows that! It's super cheap government health insurance for poor people, of course! One of those liberal "safety nets" forlosers, like Medicare is for the Olds. But one state legislator in Texas -- he even serves on the health panel -- isn't really sure about this damn thing and wants to know what the hell is even going on.

At a hearing Thursday of the House Committee on Human Services, [Rep. Gary] Elkins and other members of the panel considered more than two dozen bills related to Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Three hours into the hearing, Elkins asked: "What's Medicaid?"

The Houston Republican continued: "I know I hear it — I really don't know what it is. I know that's a big shock to everybody here in the audience, OK."

Ha ha, people elected him to public office.

Houston lawmaker asks: 'What's Medicaid?' [Austin American-Statesman]

Rep. Gary Elkins asks, "What's Medicaid?" [Burnt Orange Report]


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