Texas Will Make Sure Gay Man Dies Knowing How Despised He Was

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Pick up your stressballs or your rage pillows or whatever you use when you're mad, because it's time to talk about how Texas is trying its damnedest to make sure this one gay man, John Allen "Jay" Stone-Hoskins, dies knowing exactly how much his home state hates him. You see, Stone-Hoskins lost his husband, James, in January of this year, after a suspected psychotic episode, which may have been related to a new doctor's prescription, led to James taking his own life. Stone-Hoskins has terminal cancer, and at this point, is expected to live no more than two months or so. So Texas, with the help of its fucked-up, heartless attorney general Ken Paxton, who is currently under indictment for great big felonies that may send him to jail for a million years, is doing its part to make sure those last two months of his life are just fucking awful.

After over 10 years together, the couple was married in New Mexico in August of 2014. James died before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that gay couples were entitled to equal marriage rights in all 50 states, including the ugly bad Texas one. Now, you'll remember that A.G. Paxton has been stomping his feet like a little bitch, insisting that no way, no how, does he have to obey something as insignificant as a Supreme Court ruling, so when John Stone-Hoskins filed to have his name listed on his husband's death certificate, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services stomped its feet right along with Paxton and told him to fuck off. This, even though U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia specifically ruled on July 7 that the state does not actually have the right, legal fact, to continue screwing gay couples, just because EW GAY makes wingnut state officials feel bad in their pee-pee parts.

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Stone-Hoskins asked the court to hold Paxton -- plus DHS's interim director, Kirk Cole  -- in contempt of court, for being craven, flaming fucksticks and refusing to amend the death certificate to reflect that James Stone-Hoskins was not only married, but married to a man named John, who is currently dying. In response, Judge Garcia granted the motion with lightning speed, and said, "Oh yeah, also, issue the correct fucking death certificate, you syphilitic twats," though he couched it in more legalese than that.

Should Paxton and his butt buddy be held in contempt of court? It's a shame we don't have some sort of precedent to guide us, OH WAIT, wasn't that the entire point of Obergefell? Didn't Jim Obergefell, the primary plaintiff, marry his husband in Maryland, and then sue, after his husband John Arthur's death, for Ohio to recognize their marriage on Arthur's death certificate? Yes! And as we recall, the Supreme Court ruled that Ohio needs to eat a bag of dicks and recognize the marriage, and also, too, that goes for the other 57 states in the union. That's pretty binding precedent!

So why are we here? Because Texas is a cesspit full of molten dick herpes, is why, and because Ken Paxton thinks he is above the law, which MIGHT have something to do with why he has been indicted for being a great big crimer! So off to the judge he will go, to see if he can add "contempt of court" to his already impressive resume of (alleged) securities fraud.

And really, John Allen "Jay" Stone-Hoskins has been through enough already. Because want to hear what his husband's funeral was like? Well, it involved Good Christians, so you already know it was fucking evil:

When Vicki and Jerry Oels and other members of Clarkridge Church of Christ attended the funeral of a gay man in Mountain Home, Ark., they may have gone a step beyond even Westboro Baptist Church.

The members of Westboro stand across the street with their silly signs, but never really approach any of the mourners. The Oels — and others from Clarkridge Church of Christ — actually attended the funeral and stood graveside within feet of the mourners. The couple then handed an envelope to the chaplain who performed the service, to the dead man’s mother and to the dead man’s husband. In each envelope was a “sympathy” card, along with 18 pages of hate-filled rhetoric telling the dead man’s friends and loved ones they’re going to hell. [...]

Jay Hoskins, Stones’ widow, said most of the people who attended the funeral refused to step into the tent and take a seat. Only seven of the dozen chairs were occupied, even though about 30 people attended.

“To have these idiots show up and do this was the most awful and cruel thing that they could have been done,” Hoskins said.

Yeah, we're just going to go drink now, but not before saying fuck YOU, Texas, fuck YOU, Ken Paxton, fuck YOU, Vicki and Jerry Oels of Mountain Home, Arkansas, and all your fellow church members too. And to Mr. Stone-Hoskins, we are so, so very sorry. These are the absolute worst people America has to offer, and the majority of Americans who are good, decent people, would be ashamed.

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