TFW Devin Nunes Tries To Troll LeBron James But Just Ends Up Dunking On Himself

Devin Nunes, smart person, took some time out of being an unregistered foreign agent for the Russian Federation to react to news that LeBron James has signed a four year, $145 million contract to play for the Lakers.

"Glad you are coming to town, basketball man! I will not be your congressman, but if you have any top secret classified information I could leak to Fox News that will hurt America, I will take some!" Just kidding, that is not what he said. "Pleased to meet ya, LeBron! I am a congressman, but I like to think of myself more as the Pied Piper of cows! I am romancing one right now, ALLEGEDLY!" OK fine, that is not what he said either.

Nunes, who represents California's 22nd District AKA "The Taint Adjacent To The Asshole Called Fresno" AKA not where LeBron is going to live, tweeted the basketball superman about TAXES:

LOL LeBron! You sure did land a three-pointer with nothing but net into a basket full of FAIL when you decided to take $145 million to come to California! Bet you'll feel real stupid when you are rolling around in your countless millions of dollars, when you could have stayed in Ohio and had fewer millions of dollars but paid a SLIGHTLY LOWER PERCENTAGE in taxes! Truly, LeBron James is not the Steph Curry of making financial decisions Devin Nunes would recommend!

What is the stupidest part of this tweet? Is it that those high taxes obviously aren't keeping any other super rich people out of California, considering how ALL THE RICHES LIVE THERE? Is it that those taxes contribute to what is now the fifth largest economy in the world, just behind Germany and ahead of the United Kingdom? Is it that California's government, which is completely run by Democrats, is living proof that when you don't allow the GOP near the reins of power, good things happen?

Is it that Devin Nunes, in sending this tweet, actually kinda proves OUR point, as noted by Chris Hayes right here?

We actually don't know what the stupidest part of Nunes's tweet is. All we know is we bet whatever cow he's currently dating (allegedly) probably really hates it when Fucking Devin tweets in bed.


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