• Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave each other golden showers of praise in a show of unity yesterday. [Washington Post]
  • It's still not clear how and if Barack Obama will be dealing with Bill Clinton and his Clinton Legacy. [Politico]
  • North Korea esploded a big tower at its nuclear power plant in an awesome display of international comity. [New York Times]
  • In March's presidential election, things were looking pretty good for Zimbabwe. Today, that has all turned to crap as voters are escorted to the polls in a "run-off" that does not include the opposition candidate. [Washington Post]
  • Why won't Thabo Mbeki, the South African president, do anything about this sham election? Because he believes he can persuade Robert Mugabe to do the right thing because they are such great pals, or something. [New York Times]
  • And in a final bit of tragic Friday news, a levee holding back flood waters in Missouri broke. [Reuters]

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