Thameside Beach Party Yobs Are Ruining Our Lives, Say Star Residents. Tabs, Thurs., May 21, 2020

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Kristi Noem, SD gov, calls in Trump's cavalry against Native American tribes in her state. What a fucking dick she is. (Indian Country Today)

Disinformation, Coronavirus, and the 2020 Election. Melissa Ryan's big-ass report at Right Wing Watch

States have fucked their unemployment systems, which is making it impossible for people to get their fucking money. (The American Prospect)

'We've been muzzled.' Who? Oh, just the CDC under Trump. (CNN)

When the mask you're wearing 'tastes like socialism.' (New York Times)

The never-Trumpers at the Bulwark have thoughts on whiny bitch maskless people too.

The Strange Case of Ron Johnson (The Bulwark again)

Trump the be-best authoritarian. — Jonathan Chait, New York mag

It was March 2007 and nearly everyone at Girlstown, a Catholic boarding school in Chalco, Mexico, was panicked. Months earlier, some students had begun complaining of a piercing sensation in their legs. Some were overcome with nausea and fevers. Some talked of suicide. State and federal inspectors and epidemiologists were sent to test the environment: the food, the water, the soil. But the results showed nothing unusual. Then they tested the girls themselves — for brucellosis, leptospirosis, and rickettsiosis. Still, they found nothing. It was as though the school had fallen under a spell.

The Haunting of Girlstown, Vox

Curtis Sittenfeld's Hillary without Bill novel, Rodham, with sex! Argh! A The Nation review!

These are the objects museum directors want to have in their homes. *click* (even though it's the Evening Standard)

First have your good stepson catch a trout. Then have him smoke the trout. Then have him make this trout dip. Also, the (second) cake turned out a treat!

Now Shy wants a drink, ok GOODBYE.

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