"Thank You for Holding and Opposing Gay Marriage"

Remember United American Technologies, the faith-based phone carrier whose telemarketers pleasantly explain the danger of using long-distance service providers who aren't gay-hating liars? We found another couple of prank phone calls to them. They're lengthy, but definitely worth listening to for the frightening combination of preternatural patience and good-natured homophobia that the UAT employees display. Consider, for example, this bit near the end of the first call:

Prank caller: May God bless you and keep you...keep them homos away. Let's burn 'em! Burn 'em!

UAT telemarketer: All right, you sound like my boss: "Let's burn them at the stake."

Call 1 [Darat.org]

Call 2 [Darat.org]

Obscure Phone Carrier Forms Very Strategic Alliance [Wonkette]


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