Thank You For Those Items That You Sent Me

* Conservatives columnists edge out progressives in newspaper column inches, which might be why no one buys newspapers anymore. [Media Matters]

* The Decider decided that he's going to spend a year bringing home all those surge troops he worked so hard to get sent to Iraq. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Rudy hates 9/11 widows and also probably the troops and your mother's apple pie. [Election Central]

* Jim Webb's long lost brother is running for president and we're voting for him. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Mitt is slipping in the polls, as always happens with the most qualified and principled candidates. Who could have guessed this would happen after coming out of that non-binding straw poll so far ahead! [Poltiical Wire]

* OMFG China is planning secret internets-based attax on us! R WE PERPARED?? [WorldNetDaily]

* Newt Gingrich sees Iraq as part of a larger, broader, incompetently prosecuted clusterfuck. (Fixed, sort of? Intern Greg has been flogged.) [Swamp]


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