Thanks But No Thanks

* And for his final trick, George W. Bush will bumble and destroy his way to peace in the Holy Land. [NYT, WT]

* The Senate is going to play chicken on an Iraq withdrawal vote cause it's good for everybody to look busy. [NYT]

* Obama is like Dean only less inept. [WP]

* $7.5 billion went to all kinds of bullshit, only nobody is responsible for spending it. [The Hill]

* Democrats make their ends. [Roll Call]

* McCain won't quit because he's lost it. [Politico]

* Vitter won't quit because he's a jackass. [Politico]

* Hillary Clinton might have bought off Vilsack, except for why would she bother? [USAT]

* Journalists are desperate for Thompson, "I fucked a gay midget prostitute" bombshell. [BG]


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