Thanks For All the Memories

* Today was Karl's last day and he just couldn't stop crying. [Think Progress]

* Tony Snow sets the date to get the fuck out. [Michelle Malkin]

* And John Warner's also like, "Fuck it." [TPM]

* The American University of Iraq is now accepting recruits applicants. [Iraq Slogger

* Howard Dean asks the thousand presidential candidates to stay out of Florida. [Political Wire]

* Ron Paul has some fanatics. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Several doomed campaigns are considering Tommy Franks, the general who was found too competent to continue running U.S. Central Command, as a running mate. [Redstate]

* The DoJ doesn't like to pay for corruption investigations. [MoJo]

* We're just so excited for the GOP YouTube debate that we have to look at the questions early. [PrezVid]


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