Thanks For Nothing, Assholes!

assholes.jpgWe are more than a little bit pissed off today. And we assure you it is for good reason. Some jackass publicist repping the left-handed, low-rent publishing house World Ahead Media asked us to review Kathleen Willey's book. We agreed. She also offered an interview with Ms. Willey. Great! Kat's kind of a MILF! We accepted. So, we spent our free time reading this shithouse crazy book about how the Clintons killed her pets, Bill tweaked her titties, how she likes fucking younger men, and scaring boyfriends by telling them she's preggers. I know, right? Then we are informed Willey is not available for an interview. And here we are thinking that our review and interview was going to be a big sloppy wet blowjob in hopes that, you know, we too could tweak her titties just like Bill. But no. Pfft. So... thanks for nothing, assholes!


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