Thanks For the Memories, Tom

thankyou.jpgOh, we do so love the internet. In addition to (barely) paying our bills, it provides us with upwards of 20 minutes of amusement a day. Today's bit of fun comes in the form of a seemingly brand-new email harvesting scam that'll send your best wishes directly to The Hammer. The only thing that makes it seem not quite on-the-level to us is the lack of a call for donations to Mr. DeLay's legal defense fund (a must-have for this year's hot political websites). Still, though -- we signed it, and we suggest you do the same.


So... we're just about bored enough to ask -- the site is registered by proxy, meaning it's the Fire David Gregory kid again, right?

Update: The Fire David Gregory kid wrote in to say that it's not him, as he doesn't even like Tom DeLay. We regret the error. Also, he was upset that we called him "kid."

Thank You, Tom DeLay


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