'That One' Vs. 'Energizer Bunny'

  • Campaign advisors for "that one" did not like it last night when John McCain was SO DISRESPECTFUL to the Democratic candidate. [Washington Wire]
  • The banking crisis has crossed the Pacific, and now various Asian governments as well as Australia are putting more money into their systems to prevent a further spread of badness. [Bloomberg]
  • The British are also bailing out their banks. [New York Times]
  • Will the Canadians be our new Chinese bankers? [Bloomberg]
  • The one big beneficiary of this financial meltdown: our U.S. Treasury market, which has seen prices soar as frightened investors note their mattresses are already stuffed and they need someplace stable to put their money. [Reuters]
  • A couple of body language experts watched the debate last night and one pronounced John McCain "warm and fuzzy." [Los Angeles Times]
  • Russia began its final pull-out of the "buffer zone" around South Ossetia, but they are staying in the areas they seized during this summer's brief war with Georgia. [Guardian]

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