That Other Alaskan Celebrity (Not Santa)


  • The House will probably approve this new bailout plan, which is exactly what was said last time. [New York Times]
  • The Senate had a busy day yesterday, as it also voted to re-open nuclear trade with India. Looks like your President Bush is no longer without a single foreign policy success, hooray! [Washington Post]
  • Apple is threatening to shut down its famous iTunes Music Shoppe if royalty rates on songs increase. [Times Online]
  • Remember crime? It was this thing, in the 80s mostly. Don't feel bad, no one's mentioned for years anyway because of the Terror Threat. [Wall Street Journal]
  • All the Asian stocks are still falling, even though this bailout was half-approved. [Reuters]
  • Ted Stevens' lonely boys pen pal club was just a "ruse" designed to land the thieving octogenarian free trinkets & home repairs. [Los Angeles Times]

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