That Other Newsmagazine: Dickerson Leaving TIME

You know, some magazines will do anything for attention. Newsweek's out there turning down resignations, but TIME is accepting them. It's true: TIME's John Dickerson is no longer TIME's John Dickerson. He's taking those cheekbones he's so proud of and leaving but not for TV. The veteran of the newsmag for a truly astonishing twelve years is going to (wait, we're going to double-check here... Jesus, this can't be right, well, ok...): Slate.

That clicking noise you hear in the background is the sound of the WH communications staff opening their web browsers for the first time. As for why he is making such an unorthodox move, well, it's not like the President was going to call on him again anyway.

We learn this from an anonymous source (who "saw a memo") and someplace almost as reliable: Slate, who sent us a press release. It's after the jump.

For Immediate Release                                                                                    

Contact: Eric Easter







May 16, 2005 - SLATE today announced that John Dickerson has joined the online magazine as its chief political correspondent.


Most recently the White House correspondent for TIME Magazine, Dickerson has written extensively on the Bush Administration, the war on terror and the president’s political strategy.


Prior to covering the White House, Dickerson reported on a number of topics including Congress, the 1996 and 2000 presidential races, and the Clinton impeachment proceedings, among others. As a correspondent in TIME’s New York Bureau from 1992 to 1995, he covered a variety of topics including terrorism, Wall Street and technology.


Jacob Weisberg, Slate’s editor-in-chief, said, “Like a lot of people, we’ve been following John Dickerson’s skillful and increasingly influential reporting on the world of politics in general, and the Bush Administration in particular. We’re happy that he’ll he bringing his unique voice to Slate.”


Currently on leave to complete a book, Dickerson will join Slate officially in September of 2005. The as yet untitled book, to be released by Simon & Schuster, is a memoir about the complex relationship between the author and his mother, Nancy Dickerson, the first woman news correspondent for CBS Television.





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