That Other Other Newsmagazine


Now that you've canceled that Newsweek subscription, what do you replace it with? How about the Weekly Standard, whose new TV commercial practically shouts "editorial authority." Well, maybe "shouts" is too strong a word. It's more like it "yelps" editorial authority. Or maybe "squeals." But in a very persuasive way. The basic plot: an investigative reporter from the Standard's circulation department buttonholes a fussy liberal anchorman from the Musical Theater Didn't Really Work Out For Me News Network, and gets him to admit he secretly loves Fred Barnes and Bill Kristol. Predictable? Sure. But there's also this: the twitchy, squirmy guy from the Standard is portrayed as being just as dorky as the semi-hysterical MSM anchorman. Maybe even dorkier. In other words, finally, a magazine that emphasizes journalistic accuracy over spin and shows a real commitment to fairness and balance. Our check is in the mail.

Newscaster Commercial [360 Advantage]


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