Thatcher's Dead; Twitter Users Worried That Cher's Dead

Thatcher's Dead; Twitter Users Worried That Cher's Dead

Buzzfeed reports that the #nowthatchersdead hashtag was started by the one-joke website "Is Thatcher Dead Yet?" which now reads "Yes."

This is easily the greatest misunderstanding of a hashtag since a tragic cluster of injuries resulting from Tweeps (yes, this is a word now) who were entirely too eager to test the veracity of the hashtag #penismightierthansword.

Still, just in case, Yr Wonkette wishes to pre-memorialize Cher with that awesome X-Files music video that she now regrets not appearing in, from the 1997 episode "The Post-Modern Prometheus."

We also join Wonkers who are Of A Certain Age in mourning the passing of online classical music comedian, A Net Funny Cello.

[Buzzfeed / Twitter]

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