The 2008 Rumor Mill Is in Full Churn

governor%20bill%20richardson.JPGThe next presidential election is still an eternity away, but it's already an extremely popular topic of conversation -- perhaps because it's far more interesting than the day-to-day machinations of Congress. We've been hearing interesting rumors about possible 2008 contenders -- and we're not just talking about the quixotic candidacy of Mike Gravel (although the folks we're hearing about now aren't exactly frontrunners either).

On the Democratic side, we hear that Bill Richardson (D-NM) is hosting several top political consultants at the Governor's mansion this week, as part of a two-day retreat to "refine his national message" leading up to his 2008 presidential bid. Thoughts on how to deal with the mini-scandal over his exaggeration of his baseball prowess, plus that whole "inappropriate touching" thing, are most welcome.

tom%20ridge.jpgAnd on the Republican side, we hear that Tom Ridge -- former DHS Secretary and Pennsylvania Governor -- is thinking about a possible White House run. If the rumors about him are true (and not satirical), the rigors of the campaign trail may not gel well with his obsessive-compulsive tendencies. A presidental run can involve lots of furry animal petting.


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