The 50 Most Loathsome DCers

DCSOB seeks your suggestions for a Washington version of the NY Press's "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers." (And, yes, it's an honor just to be nominated, thanks!) As a commenter at DCSOB pointed out, it might take less time to do a list of the 72 people in our fair city who are not loathsome, but we don't think DCSOB should back away from a daunting task just because there are so many options to choose from -- the fine distinctions which separate "the fuckers at Diamond Cab" from "whoever does the ordering at the Soviet Safeway" are worthy of close study and considered ranking. When it comes to judging particular humans for the list, on the other hand, we throw up our hands. Jonah Goldberg versus Elisabeth Bumiller? Jack Shafer versus Gregg Easterbrook? We're working on a tie-breaker and it's probably going to have to be whomever complains first...

Again with the Carlos D [DCSOB]


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