TargetedWord on the rainy streets of Washington is that Patrick Fitzgerald will be recalling some witnesses soon. Conflicting word is that he will announce indictments Thursday. Whatever the case, things are ugly and it's not just the weather. The White House has been lashing out at Fitzgerald (awkwardly and belatedly), but not all the ire is directed outward. There are signs that individuals within the administration have caught a serious case of CYA. Last week's LAT article had White House sources painting Scooter Libby as a fringey pitbull, having to be all but tied to an aspen to keep from pissing Joe Wilson's leg. Could more backbiting follow? According to a reporter intimately familiar with White House operations, "these slimy thugs are turning on each other like runner-up beauty queens." Which at least explains the sash and tiara in Rove's garage.

Bush Critic Became Target of Libby, Former Aides Say [LAT]


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