The AIG Bailout Was All A Dirty Trick To Spread Sharia


Now here's one we hadn't heard before, which hardly means it's never been said: The AIG bailout was a means of conning the American taxpayer into supporting Sharia! Go ahead and laugh, this was only said by some random nutball -- namely Jerry Boykin, a former high-ranking military and Defense Department intelligence division official.

Here's Boykin, layin' it all out on some dumb webcam show. Via Right Wing Watch:

On yesterday's program, Boykin declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is running an "insurgency" in America to establish Sharia and stated that the government bailout of insurance giant AIG means that the government is now practicing Sharia because AIG offers some Sharia-compliant insurance policies.

Therefore, according to Boykin, the bailout meant that all of us Americans are "practicin' Sharia." It's true!

Another minor problem with the AIG bailout was that the American taxpayer was forced to resurrect a reckless, bankrupt company that backstopped most of the shitty mortgage-backed securities that ended up destroying the global economy, and that bailout money was mostly used to pay back AIG's counterparties, such as Goldman Sachs, 100 cents on the dollar. But Sharia was the bigger problem, of course.

[Right Wing Watch]


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