The Alito Offspring: A Blogger Investigation!

PhilWe were as amused as anyone by son-of-Sam Alito's freestyle bio on Colgate University's student newspaper's website. The NYDN quoted the quasi-suggestive parts, including, "I became interested in politics and got involved with Gary Condit (not like that)." Amusing collegiate homosocial humor! Is a good sign for concerned sodomites? It might be, though our feeble web-based "reporting" suggests that Phil Alito has changed (venue at least) since sarcastically recounting how "Barbara Boxer came onto me." His comments have been scrubbed from the Colgate website and the current Phil Alito attends the University of Virginia, ensconced in a college-within-a-college on Monroe Hill. He's cleaned up a bit, too. And maybe changed the color of his eyes? We're not saying the Colgate Alito on the left is a different person than the UVa/White House Official Photo Alito on the right, we're just saying that the one on the left has a better sense of humor.

A bride with something borrowed? (last item) [NYDN]

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