The AOF Circle of Life

foolery.jpgAsk and ye shall receive. Thanks to a tipster, we have a new diagram that explains how this AOF tomfoolery works and its place in life. It's a work in progress, but it helps clueless outsiders better understand the various cliques and how they relate. "For the most part, they're a decent group of guys," said one Hill staffer of the Axis, as we now call them. "The problem is that in the group, there's a couple really nasty douchebags."

"They're nasty to people who they think are unattractive, or have slighted them, or are sleeping with people who they've slept with. They're the ones who never grew out of the 8th grade, and see their whole goal in life to be the queen bee of the gay community.

"Maybe having this aired out in public will make them grow up a little bit. But chances are it'll just make them tougher at the door for their Janky Sweater party."

And if you get confused, you can always just study the diagram (little hard to read, but move in close and it's totes fine!).


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