The Apprentices in D.C.

Are assholes drawn to the District by some force of nature? Like a giant mother asshole calling her young? That was our first theory upon hearing that "The Apprentice's" Sam had joined uberbitch Omarosa here in the D.C. area. But here's the funny part: Sam isn't really an asshole.

A Wonketteer writes:

    Last week, I e-mailed Sam from The Apprentice and, knowing that he lived in the DC area, I asked him if he would consider stopping by the party I was throwing at our house for my wife's 30th birthday Saturday night.  And he (with his very pretty fiancee) actually came! Here are the photos.

he does appear to have shrunk

And, apparently, he was very nice and charming.

So we don't know what he's doing here.





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