'The Atlantic's' Rove Story Demonstrates Mastery of Accidental Timing

Even the weather has turned against Bush - Wonkette"With more than a year left in the fading Bush presidency, Karl Rove's worst days in the White House may still lie ahead of him."
-- First sentence of the lead story in the September Atlantic.

Whoops. But hey, their revamped revamped website looks neat!

The general thrust of the story is that Rove is a big fat failure because, as we've said a hundred times, he's very good at winning elections and absolutely abysmal at governing.

Also, Rove loves William McKinley, a president who ran on domestic issues, whose puppetmaster adviser ran his campaign, and who was then pushed into a pointless war by his hawkish Vice President. McKinley was shot before he could totally mismanage the occupation of the Philippines, though.

Overall we prefer the story about how annoying quirky indie dudes are.

The Rove Presidency [The Atlantic]


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