The Base in Pursuit of the Baseless

Give Tom DeLay credit: He's not the sort of person to be humbled by adversity. In today's news conference on his conspiracy indictment, he denounced the Texas grand jury's vote as the product of "a political witch hunt," and in case that didn't quite get the point across he claimed to be the victim of "one of the weakest and most baseless indictments in American history." Though, I dunno, if we broaden the definition of "indictment" beyond its strictly judicial meaning, I think this one far surpasses most any comer in the weak and baseless category, especially since it crassly seizes on the wrenching plight of a woman all-but officially brain dead and her family. Let's roll the tape, shall we, back to that long-ago time of late March, at a cozy get together at the Family Research Council:

I tell you, ladies and gentlemen, one thing God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo to elevate the visibility of what's going on in America. . . .This is exactly the kind of issue that's going on in America, that attacks against the conservative moment, against me and against many others. The point is, the other side has figured out how to win and to defeat the conservative movement, and that is to go after people personally, charge them with frivolous charges, link up with all these do-gooder organizations funded by George Soros, and then get the national media on their side. That whole syndicate that they have going on right now is for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to destroy the conservative movement. It is to destroy conservative leaders, and not just in elected office, but leading. I mean, Ed Feulner, of the Heritage Foundation today was under attack in the National Journal. This is a huge nationwide concerted effort to destroy everything we believe in. And you need to look at this, and what's going on and participate in fighting back.

Yeah, Tom, and we're sure that the National Journal and the Florida Supreme Court put those blank checks into your PAC director's hand. Fuckwad.

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