The Bathroom Habits Of Astronauts

  • World Health Organization officials are continuing to keep a "close eye" on the pig death virus, which has thus far killed 75 people. Flu season starts soon in the southern hemisphere, and folks are worried. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Oh yay, the borderline anarchist state of Pakistan is "rapidly adding to its nuclear arsenal." [New York Times]
  • Astronauts just don't wear diapers when they're driving cross-country to hunt down romantic rivals; they also wear them IN SPACE. [Washington Post]
  • Los Angeles experienced "a garden-variety earthquake" but the damage looks pretty minimal. [Los Angeles Times]
  • President Obama spoke at Notre Dame on Sunday about how much he loved abortion, all the time for everyone, and forced every single person attending commencement to accept a coupon for one free abortion on their way out the door. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka is over, and the leader of the Tamil Tigers is dead. [Globe and Mail, BBC News]

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