The Beloved Republican: Arnold Gives Health Care To California

This might be hard to fathom in DC these days, but in the nation's most populous state -- and the world's 5th largest economy -- Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has started his second term with massive approval ratings from just about everybody but fringe-right Republicans and the LA Times, which prefers that poor children die long painful deaths from easily treated illnesses.

Today, Arnold proposed his Everyone Has Health Insurance Plan. Only Massachusetts has ever tried such a thing, and California is significantly bigger while having a larger percentage of uninsured. The California scheme would subsidize coverage for the 6 million who need help -- including sinister Mexican children. Lou Dobbs is understandably furious.

Along with his sweeping environmental and educational programs, the guv's massive health-care scheme is reshaping the state in totally socialist FDR ways. So, people will now only vote for anti-abortion pro-gun Democrats and Hollywood millionaire Ultra-Liberal California Republicans. Hooray for clarity!

Gov. offers bold prescription [LAT]

Healthcare the Schwarzenegger way [CSM]


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