Brew Your Best Cup Of Coffee Yet In An Air Fryer! Tabs, Mon., Aug. 24, 2020

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The Republican National Convention begins today in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s a scaled-down, truncated event but one attendee claims there’s already “illegal hugging going on.” (The New York Times)

The scheduled speakers at the RNC are a Legion of Doom roll call of some of the worst people on the planet and remote galaxies. Donald Trump plans to speak at 10 p.m. every night, as if he’s imitating the rapidly spreading virus his administration failed to contain. (Salon)

Here’s how the Emmy-winning team of producer Ricky Kirshner and director Glenn Weiss put together a show-stopping Democratic National Convention. Let’s keep doing it this way, except for the part where there’s a pandemic and a President Trump. (Variety)

It’s too soon to tell if Joe Biden received much of a bump from the DNC or if that’s even still a thing in our hyper-partisan environment. However, a new delicious poll shows Uncle Joe curbstomping President Klan Robe in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. No polling numbers yet from Anaheim, Azuza, and Cucamonga. (Newsweek)

In a shock to no one, Trump is trampling on all the norms regarding governing and campaigning as an incumbent. He plans to accept the Republican nomination for president from the White House. Trump continues to be the worst thing to happen to the White House since the British in 1812. (Washington Post)

COVID-19 has officially killed more than 175,000 Americans. It has not “miraculously” vanished as the “weather warmed up." (NPR)

Fifty-seven percent of Republicans have learned to stop worrying and love the rising coronavirus death toll. They are probably more concerned about imaginary Black mobs breaking into their homes and beating them to death.

Photographer Elizabeth Dalziel describes spending all day homeschooling her sons as "a tight hug, though at times it feels like a boa constrictor's slow squeeze." They'll do great in creative writing, for sure. (NPR)

More students and faculty are testing positive for COVID-19. There's an especially large cluster in Greek housing, with 17 fraternity members testing positive on Saturday. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Sidney Blumenthal lays out the case for how Trump destroyed the Republican Party. Now all that's left are racists and crony capitalists. Uh ... wait, what was it that Trump destroyed again? (The Guardian)

Shortly after his 2016 Russian nesting election, Trump met with civil rights leaders, including the son of Martin Luther King, and bragged about the relatively low Black voter turnout. Yes, he said this while Black people were present. He believed this meant they liked him more than Hillary Clinton, who won about 89 percent of the vote from Black people who voted. That's usually how you measure support within a particular electorate. (Politico)

Twitter had to slap a warning label on another Trump tweet. This one claimed mail drop boxes are covered with COVID-19. We might as well not even have a 25th Amendment. (Buzzfeed)

The coronavirus hit Dougherty County, Georgia, especially hard. Area schools are opening virtually this fall, and teachers Callie Evans and Audri Williams welcomed their students back (from a social distance) with a bad-ass rap. (CNN)

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