The Best GOP Presidential Candidate EVER

2008 just got a whole lot more fun, because San Diego's Duncan Hunter just announced he's running for president. Thank you, Jesus.

Duncan has been in the House since 1981, and he's completely crazy. Hunter's the one who wants CNN kicked out of Iraq so we can get all our great war news directly from Rumsfeld. He thinks China is about to invade Panama and is a big proponent of the 1,800-mile Berlin Wall along the Mexican border.

Better yet, Hunter's deep in the Duke Cunningham/Brett Wilkes/Hookergate filth. In any other congressional district in the country, he'd be in trouble next week. But San Diego politicians are expected to be crazy Jesus Freak crooks who just naturally wind up in prison. Plus, Hunter runs the House Armed Services Committee, so he's been shoveling billions to San Diego's defense contractors.

California Republican Rep. Hunter launches '08 White House bid [AP]


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