The Big Mistakes You're Making With Zucchini! Tabs, Wed., Aug. 3, 2022

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The Big Mistakes You're Making With Zucchini! Tabs, Wed., Aug. 3, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

DOJ sues Idaho for violating EMTALA by being willing to let women in medical emergencies die, in favor of a fetus. (Suit)

What it really means when the Right thinks a 13-year-old girl can do "phenomenal" work raising a child: If women do it, how hard can the work be?Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Eric Alterman takes apart Matthew Pottinger and the rest of the stayed-through-it-all January 6 witnesses: Oh, they're mad now? (The American Prospect)

All those DOD and Army officials got their January 6 texts wiped too? But her emails. (CNN)

The Biden administration has reunited 400 migrant families with their children who were seized and lost by the Trump administration. Still. Now. This is new news. My god. (NBC News)

How Alex Jones indebted himself to himself, via our Liz at Above the Law Monday. And more! "Jones himself received $62 million in transfers from FSS in the past two years, far more than the $108,000 per month he receives in salary." Yeah, same.

Good lord, read along with Liz for Tuesday.

Hey IRS, maybe look into the Family Research Council's designation as a "church"? Love, House Democrats. (Word and Way)

Oh and speaking of taxes: Donald Trump surely couldn't have buried his ex-wife on his golf course for a tax break right? Not that classy man we all know and love. — Salon

What Donald Trump learned from his divorce from Ivana: to stop worrying and love the bombs. — Molly Jong-Fast at The Atlantic

Robyn said to read this report because it's "dystopian as shit," so that is a tab that I have open! (NELP)

The Bulwark muses about housing and NIMBYism and isn't even weirdly aggressive and vaguely rightwing about it.

Not even kidding, TRIGGER WARNING: One day in labor history, the Elaine Massacre of hundreds of Black farmers, and the more than centurylong attempt to get their stolen land back for their heirs. — Civil Eats

If you've never read this Lindy West classic on seeing rightwing weirdo Gallagher, now is your chance! (The Stranger)

I am always in the market for lemon ginger chicken thighs, even if it means I have to do that annoying thing where you put stuff inside the skin, and also I am lazy about browning the skin long enough, so both those things. — Better Homes & Gardens

Zucchini mistakes, YOU BASTARD! (Tasting Table)

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