The Biggest Loser

  • Hillary Clinton needs to win comfortably in Ohio and Texas or else she's back to being just another wealthy senator married to an ex-president enjoying her sinecure as one of the most powerful people in the country. [New York Times]
  • Soon terrorists will no longer be able to take relaxing European vacations, because they will fingerprint your ass at the border. [Washington Post]
  • Some things never change: payday lenders still preying on the elderly and disabled. [WSJ]
  • Vote, DC area peoples! Today is your first-and-only-ever Potomac Brackish Water Primary! [Washington Post]
  • Enthusiasm for a new farm bill exists primarily in Washington. [The Hill]
  • When GM loses, it has the guts to lose big. The auto maker reported an astounding $38.7 billion in losses for 2007. [AP via LA Times]

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