The Birdies and Us: Like an Abusive Marriage, Really

Oh, those birdies. They say Kerry will give a concession speech around one. But they also said Kerry would take Florida. So he's probably already given it. And, according to the WSJ, it was written by Bob Shrum. So very best! Something he knows how to do! People say that with this loss, Shrum might finally have lost favor with Democrat presidential-office-seeking types, but, hey, this time it was so close. And I just don't think we can't get rid of Bob Shrum: Stake through the heart, silver bullet . . . He's going to be advising Democratic cockroaches on their White House scurries long after we have all perished in apocalyptic world war that will come with Bush's second term.

In Elections, Losing Isn't the Hardest Part, It's Giving the Speech [WSJ]


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