The Birdies Sing a Sweet, Sweet Tune

FL: 52/48 - KERRY

OH: 52/47 - KERRY

MI: 51/48 - KERRY

PA: 58/42 - KERRY

IA: 50/48 - KERRY

WI: 53/47 - KERRY

MN: 57/42 - KERRY

NH: 58/41 - KERRY

ME: 55/44 - KERRY

NM: 49/49 - TIE

NV: 48/49 - BUSH

CO: 49/50 - BUSH

AR: 45/54 - BUSH

NC: 47/53 - BUSH

A NOTE ON EXITS/EARLY POLLING: We post these numbers because information wants to be free! Run, information! Run for your life!

UPDATE: K/B 50/49 in fla at 4:15, says another birdie.

A FURTHER NOTE ON EXITS/EARLY POLLING: Mystery Pollster has an excellent post on early numbers, as well as a vow to not post them himself. He's a bigger man than we are. He's as big a man as Mr. Wonkette who is a very big man and who is also anti-exit poll release. We only hope he doesn't pull a Shriver about this.


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