The Blimp Thing, It's Still Flying In South Carolina

blimpbombmap.jpgGot a little distracted by these primaries, ignored the real news -- the Paultard Blimp. Sorry! It's still hovering (for at least a couple more days, pending funding) on Freedom fuel above the sunny racist skies of South Carolina. Sometimes it gets lost and flops around in Savannah, GA, where it meets up with local unawares news teams.

Who is Ron Paul? You should Foogle him, because he's going to bring black people back to 3/5 yer average human beings:

[youtube expand=1]

Ron Paul will never ride your blimp, Paultard. It's an independent expenditure that he has nothing to do with, as he told Wonkette personally.

[Ron Paul Blimp Blog]


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