The Blog Report Report: Blogs Ate My Brain

Bloggy Blog BloggerThis is the second edition of The Blog Report Report, where we describe CNN describing bloggers describing the news.

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Blog Report []

(4:11:42) Wonkette: shit shit shit

(4:11:47) Wonkette: almost missed it!

(4:12:06) Wonkette: brit girl still frightened

(4:12:18) Wonkette: but now reading in native language from guardian

(4:12:42) "Joe Klein": BLOGGERS made that connection that the Italian pull out might be related to the shooting of an Italian journalist

(4:12:43) "Joe Klein": oh

(4:12:44) "Joe Klein": thank god

(4:12:45) Wonkette: yes

(4:12:49) "Joe Klein": otherwise we'd never have come up with it!

(4:12:56) Wonkette: btw italian shooting and italian pull out

(4:13:00) Wonkette: did you get that?

(4:13:06) Wonkette: see, they're both italian

(4:13:10) Wonkette: that's the clue

(4:13:37) "Joe Klein": wow wait

(4:13:45) "Joe Klein": there were elections in spain?

(4:13:50) "Joe Klein": did they vote with purple fingers?

(4:13:58) Wonkette: let's take credit for those elections

(4:14:00) Wonkette: america owns the copyright on elections. also "freedom"

(4:14:10) "Joe Klein": lawrence summers under attack in the blogosphere

(4:14:13) "Joe Klein": HOW DOES HE SLEEP AT NIGHT

(4:14:31) Wonkette: oh god poor girl had to say a blogger's complicated name

(4:14:33) "Joe Klein": they totally mangled that guy's name

(4:14:35) "Joe Klein": but it's ok

(4:14:41) "Joe Klein": they only had, what, all day to find out how to pronounce it

(4:14:50) "Joe Klein": hey

(4:14:51) "Joe Klein": cameraman

(4:14:54) "Joe Klein": GET OUT OF THE SHOT

(4:15:11) "Joe Klein": the blogs are doing votes of no confidence?

(4:15:15) Wonkette: on themselves

(4:15:19) "Joe Klein": i vote "no confidence" in the blog report

(4:15:26) Wonkette: "how do you know which blogsites to look at?" asks judy

(4:15:29) "Joe Klein": oh judy it's SO HARD

(4:15:33) Wonkette: she asks that every day

(4:15:39) Wonkette: WAIT

(4:15:43) Wonkette: BLOGS NOT ACCURATE

(4:16:19) Wonkette: abbi terrified

(4:16:29) Wonkette: SHAKY CAM

(4:16:36) "Joe Klein": "you can't read all 8 million" blogs she says.

(4:16:38) "Joe Klein": why not abbi?

(4:16:41) "Joe Klein": IT'S ALL YOU DO

(4:17:01) Wonkette: introducing judy to the concept of blog rolls

(4:17:06) "Joe Klein": okay judy

(4:17:11) "Joe Klein": let's streeeetch this segment a bit longer

(4:17:30) "Joe Klein": man that was bad

(4:17:31) Wonkette: it is a horror movie that way

(4:17:45) Wonkette: shaky cam + terrified english girl

(4:17:54) Wonkette: and also IT LASTS FOR EVER

(4:18:18) "Joe Klein": "the blogs ate my brain"

(4:19:18) "Joe Klein": if blog report doesn't get any better, blog report report will be hard-pressed to improve

(4:19:24) Wonkette: yes. blog report report is only is as good as material

(4:19:34) Wonkette: which is not very good.


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