The Bloomberg Afterparty Invite: Boy Is It Purdy!

Over at FishBowlDC, the karaoke-loving Patrick Gavin has posted a lengthy list of the celebs expected to attend the glamorous Bloomberg afterparty, following the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner this Saturday night.

Patrick also offers a brief description of the invitation: "green print on Lucite." The invite is so gorgeous and so elegant -- modern design at its finest -- that it deserves more. So here is a picture of the invite (dimensions are 5 1/2" x 7"):


Bonus question (for those of you lucky enough to have this coveted invitation): What's the best way to reuse it? Our first thought was as a coaster or miniature cutting board, but surely you have more creative ideas. Feel free to put them in the comments.

The WHCA dinner, and the various pre- and post-dinner parties, are the biggest social events of the year. They're D.C.'s answer to the Academy Awards -- a senior prom for politicians, journalists, and the chattering classes in general. Expect extensive coverage in these pages in the days ahead, both leading up to and following the big bash.

Bloomberg Party VIP List [FishBowlDC]


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