The Body Politic Yearns for Consensus

An operative alerts us to another ideological anger-fucking proposition on Craigslist. Here's an excerpt: "You should have autographed copies of Sean Hannity's books...You should own at least one book or video that asserts the Clinton's murdered people...I will be wearing nothing but a Hillary Clinton mask, and you will address me as 'Senator Clinton' only. If you fail to address me as 'Senator Clinton,' you will be punished...I will torture and humiliate you endlessly, untill you can't take anymore and you admit that Bill Clinton was a great president...I think it would be hot if you came on my face while I was wearing the Hillary Clinton mask, but that's up to you."

It's time, we think, for a Style section trend-piece on these things. Who writes them? Who answers? Even if they're all fake, we want to know the cultural implications. And if some of them are real, well, then we want pictures.

I Need a Tiny Dicked Republican To Be My Slave [Craigslist DC]


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