The Breathtaking 'Rep. Pete Sessions & Ponzi Scheme Guy Friendship Emails' Non-Denial Denial


Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) is in the most trouble ever regarding an unconscionably melodramatic email he wrote to his friend, Ponzi scheme person Allen Stanford. "I love you and I believe in you," iswhat Sessions told Allen, who had at that point just been arrested for $7 billion worth of fraud. Now, someone please award $7 billion stolen dollars to Sessions' press secretary, logician-empress Emily Davis, who has come up with the following Ponzi scheme of rhetoric in order to explain the correspondence: "Sessions believes that its contents resemble language he would use to communicate with a person in crisis to encourage right decisions and prevent further tragedy." Ho ho ho, except, this is not the first time that Sessions has pretended he is not friends with Allen Stanford, his actual best friend with whom he goes on fun vacations!

So back awhile ago, this year sometime, the news reported that $41,000 of those $7 billion Ponzi dollars was given to Pete Sessions. And again, this same Emily Davis character was like, Pete Sessions does not know Allen Stanford personally. She said this despite Pete Sessions having honeymooned with Stanford in Antigua, as proven by photos published by the Antiguan government of Sessions and Stanford quarreling over preschool applications and listening to Astral Weeks together, on a boat.

So more regarding this latest thing:

Davis said Stanford 'had everyone fooled' and that Sessions has worked to recover investors' money.

"The congressman maintains the position that Mr. Stanford should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," the statement said.

This resembles language Emily Davis would use to communicate information pertaining to a person in crisis to encourage right decisions and prevent further tragedy.



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