The British: Just Like Us, But Better

british%20flag.jpgStriking similarities exist between the U.S. and British governments. Consider the following ways in which the Brits are just like us:

* they view their current government as "sleazy and incompetent";

* due in part to an unpopular war, their leader's approval rating is languishing in the low 30's, an all-time low; and

* various administration officials are now the subject of repeated and vociferous resignation calls.

In addition, Tony Blair, just like President Bush, has a hard-drinking kid who sometimes gets a little out of control.

So why are the British better than we are? Well, they currently have a sex scandal going on in the administration:

[Deputy Prime Minister John] Prescott's former secretary, Tracey Temple, 43, has accused Prescott of having an affair with her, which included liaisons in his office and in a hotel room just before they joined Prescott's wife, Pauline, for dinner downstairs....

[Temple also] alleged that she and Prescott often had sexual relations behind the desk in his office, with the door left open. She said one sexual encounter at his taxpayer-funded apartment took place immediately after the two had attended an Iraq war memorial service at St. Paul's Cathedral.

We can't let our former colonial masters get the better of us like this. Please, someone tell us about a Bush Administration sex scandal that's just waiting to be exposed! We've blogged extensively about those congressional hookers; but that didn't come as a surprise, given how Members enjoy living the high life. Right now we'd like to learn about lust within a famously disciplined executive branch.

(Random observation: Gale Norton sure left office quickly, and with surprisingly little commentary or media attention devoted to her departure. What's up with that?)

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