The Bush Administration's Biggest Debate

not at all alikeThe new Bush budget plan has drawn attacks from the right and the left, so it's no surprise that last week's online chat with deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget brought a slew of scathing questions. "[Why] has the President systematically backed-off his "compassion" agenda. . . in order to continue to press for ever-bigger tax cuts for the mega-rich?" asked one irate liberal, while a conservative wondered, "How can this segment of voters be satisfied and regain confidence in our present government?" But then it got ugly:

    Rachel, from Florissant, MO writes: First thing I noticed about you Joel is that you do not resemble Peter Frampton at all. But speaking of Peter Frampton, what do you believe his best song is? I'd have to go with "Do you feel like we do." You?

    Joel Kaplan: . . . I would go with "Show me the Way" or "Day in the Sun."

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