The Bush/Blair Press Conference: The Lamest of Ducks

blairpc.jpgBush, on the Iraq Study Group: "I appreciated the fact that they laid out a series of recommendations, and they're worthy of serious study... We agree that victory in a Iraq is important."

Oh shit, more polonium! DAMN YOU, MARIE CURIE.

Bush keeps babbling the same ol' bullshit, you can tell CNN sooo wants to cut away to more radiation John LeCarre stuff.

Blair: "Thank you also for the clarity of... your vision." He's also got a very keen sense of smell, Mr. Prime Minister. We're very proud of him.

Blair would very clearly much rather talk about Israel and Palestine.

Blair: "There are only two ways the middle east could go. The people could either be presented with the choice of a religious or secular dictatorship, or..." No, wait, there are three. Three ways the middle east could go!

These two could announce that they're having a child together and it just wouldn't matter to anyone.

More live-ish bloggin' TK below.

First question asks if Bush will work with Syria and Iran, Bush responds by saying that yes, Republicans and Democrats will work together to ignore that recommendation.

Bottom CNN crawl: "PRES. BUSH: I BELIEVE WE NEED A NEW APPROACH (IN IRAQ)" That's the ballad. "I'D DO ANYTHING FOR IRAQ (BUT I WOULDN'T DO THAT)" is the hidden track.

Blair: "The old middle east had within in it" all the problems and terror and shit we have now. He left out the part where it's pretty much all Great Britain's fault.

The BBC dude starts to ask a question about how Iraq is "grave and deteriorating" and Bush interrupts him mid-sentence to bark, "It's bad in Iraq!" The question ends up being a handy springboard to his typical snippy "It's bad, but we're winning" bullshit.

CNN CRAWL: "BLAIR: ONLY WAY FORWARD IS TO 'CARRY ON WINNING.'" That's one of those British things, right? Busty women and bawdy jokes?

Bush: "If we were to have a conversation with Syria, it would be this one: STOP DESTABALIZING THE SANIORA GOVERNMENT."

That is an interesting definition of "conversation," Mr. President. We call it "SHOUTING."

We do kinda like these British guys asking all the questions. Adds a touch of class to the proceedings.

"We can't abandon the principles of the quartet" --- we just don't even know what the fuck he's talking about anymore. Can anyone tell us what this means?

DEAR ASSEMBLED PRESS: Please make this more like Prime Minister's Question Time and shout at eachother and say "HEAR, HEAR" and boo and heckle and shit. PLEASE. We're dying here.

"To show you how important [the Iraq Study Group] report is, I read it, and our guest read it."

That must be one hell of an important report! Etc etc etc.

ITV dude: "Are you capable of admitting your failures in the past, and are you capable of changing course."

"I do know that we have not succeeded as fast as we want to succeed." So, short answer, "No."

CNN is for some reason pretending that Blair is trying to get Bush to listen to the report. We see no evidence of this. He has never prodded Bush to do anything. We're done with this, ugh.


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