The C-Word: Say It and You're Out of the Race

'Cancer cartoon' is kind of a disappointing Google image search ... - WonketteWALNUTS! McCain has it on his head. Rudy Giuliani used to have it in his butt. John Edwards' wife has it, too, and there's a good chance some of Rudy and Mitt's other wives have it or had it or will get it.

It is the cancer, and if you've got it, you've got to quit. This nation is at risk of having its crucial two-year-long billion-dollar presidential campaign turn into some kind of Jerry Lewis telethon about cancer.

Stop it. Everybody who has cancer, had cancer, might get cancer or even knows about the word cancer must immediately drop out of the race for the safety of our precious freedom to elect another corrupt millionaire so our precious lobbyists will have his ear.



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